Own A Piece In Our 1 MILLION PIXELS NFT Project

For a price that starts at just 0.00015ETH/pixel, you have a unique opportunity to own a piece in a 1,000 x 1,000 pixels grid as an NFT

How it Works

Each 10 by 10 pixel block on the grid to the right will be available for sale as an NFT. There are 10,000 blocks and the first batch will be released in late April (please see our complete roadmap below). The price for each batch will increase, so the earlier you buy in, the less you pay.

You can upload any image within your block, along with text and a URL to your website or a social media profile (no pornography, hate speech, gore, or illegal content) — make your block uniquely yours.

We plan to begin development of Zmoy Token in mid-July, if our sales goals are met, and if you are an NFT holder, you will receive approximately 100 Zmoy Tokens per each block. Tokens will be distributed upon sale of all NFTs. Tokens will be used in our Phase 2 of the project. Stay Tuned!

We believe it is important to give back. We will donate 5 ETH to a charity chosen by the community of the NFT holders upon final sale.

We plan to mint and release on the OpenSea platform using Polygon Network, so no gas fees! Yay!

All the unique images uploaded by the contributors—yourself included—will make up the final artwork that represents the community and the state of crypto art in the current time. It’ll become an important piece in the crypto history, which you can become a part of.

When the final artwork is completed, we’ll have thousands of contributors. We’re all going to spread the word about this community-driven project. The more people know about this project, the more exciting things we can do in subsequent phases.

This is only the beginning of our project. Join us on the journey. We are here for the long haul.